1913 ? - 2015
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Started in 1913 by Henri Proost. Together with his two sons, Henri started out as a printer and binder of Christian books and bibles. After the First World War, they also started a publishing business, specializing in educational books for children.

Henri Proost died in 1937.

During the sixties, religious books were in decline and the company concentrated on books for children and comic books (in those days synonamous).

In the 1980s and 1990s, the company dominated the Belgian market for comic books in album-form, as well as being one of the market leaders in many countries across Europe, including The Netherlands, Scandinavia and Germany.

The family sold the company in 1996, after which a steady decline started. It underwent various corporate ownership changes and was sold and went into bankruptcy several times. In 2015 the company finally closed its doors permanently.

Indicia Printers:

Indicia Printer Year Began Year Ended
Gedrukt in België door Proost
Henri Proost & Co., Turnhout
Imprimé en Belgique par Proost
Printed by Proost Turnhout (Belgium)
Printed in Belgium by Proost Int. Book Production
Printed in Belgium by Proost International Book Production
Printed in Belgium PROOST SPRL
Proost, Belgia