Eastern Color Printing Company

1928 - 2001 ?
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United States

Founded in 1928 by William Pape as an independent company from Waterbury Republican (Waterbury, Connecticut) newspaper, which had been printing other newspaper Sunday comic sections since 1924. By 1929 it printed The Funnies for Dell, numerous pulp magazines, and by 1933 printed Gulf Comic Weekly and Funnies on Parade. In 1934, Eastern Color becomes its own comic book publisher, something that continues until 1956 (see separate publisher listing under Eastern Color).

By 1973 Eastern Color started to phase out printing comic books for other companies. As late as 1988 it was known Eastern still printed Sunday comic sections for about 11 newspapers, the date when that stopped is unknown.

The last printing assets were sold off in 2001 and the company was liquidated in bankruptcy during 2002.

Indicia Printers:

Indicia Printer Year Began Year Ended
Eastern Color Printing Co., Waterbury, Conn., U.S.A.
Eastern Color Printing Company 1928 2001
The Eastern Color Printing Co., Waterbury, Conn.