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1955 -
United States
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Started in 1949 under Doubleday & Co. with paperbound books under Permabooks P Series (Many titles issued as hardcover in a H Series). Purchased by Pocket Books, Inc. in 1954 which continued with the M Series in mass-market paperback size.
Series Year Issues Covers Published
Choice Cartoons from Sports Illustrated [b] 1957 1 issues (1 indexed) Have 1 (Need 1) August 1957
Do it Yourself [b] 1955 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery February 1956
The Flintstones Featuring Pebbles 1963 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery October 1963
More O'Malley's Nuns [b] 1962 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery June 1962

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