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Built on the acquisition of the Carnal Comics imprint, which had already passed from Revolutionary Press to Re-Visionary Press, S. S. Compton launched Carnal Comics / Opus Graphics in 2000.

After 2000, Carnal's focus changed and the company published less porn star biographies and more fantasy and supernatural titles, including Demi the Demoness (7 issues) Strange Bedfellows (4 issues), Djustine in the Twisted West (4 issues), Sex Squad (3 issues) and numerous special issues of Demi in which she crossed over with other comics characters including, Vampirooni, Crimson Gash, the Sex Squad, Mu Press' Furry characters, and Pyschohunter.
Carnal also published The Inside Story of Carnal Comics, Frank Brunner's Carnal Delights, the Return of Stickboy, Shaundra More Swords & Sorcery, Dirty Hex, an Aurora Snow porn star bio, the Jenna Jameson Wicked Weapon collection and numerous other titles.

In 2008, Carnal co-produced a live-action Demi the Demoness movie. Starring Demoi the Demoness, the film co-starred the comic character Vampirooni.
Demi the Demoness; Jenna; Porn Star Fantasies; Re-Visionary Press; SS Crompton; Vampirooni
Series Year Issues Covers Published
Adult Star Stories: Felecia 2002 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery August 2002
Calavera [m] 2007 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 2007
Demi the Demoness [m] 2002 2 issues (0 indexed) Gallery June 2002 - 2006
Demi's Wild Kingdom Adventure [m] 2000 2 issues (0 indexed) Add 2000 - 2000
S. Clay Wilson's Pork 2002 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery May 2002
Sex Squad [m] 2003 2 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 2003 - ?
Spain's Zodiac Mindwarp [m] 2002 1 issues (0 indexed) Add 2002
True Stories of Adult Film Stars - Aurora Snow [m] 2009 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 2009

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