Embee Distributing Co.

1921 - 1922
United States
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1493 Broadway, New York, NY.
M.B. stood for the initials of George McManus and Rudolph Block, Jr., who founded the company with Alfred Block, Dr. William Rodgers and Frank J. Rice. The company went bankrupt in late 1922.

All info from "The American Comic Book: The Evolutionary Era, 1884-1939" by Denis Gifford.
Series Year Issues Covers Published
Bughouse Fables [b] 1921 1 issues (0 indexed) Add 1921
Comic Monthly 1922 12 issues (0 indexed) Have 12 (Need 1) January 1922 - [December] 1922
The Katzenjammer Kids 1921 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 1921
The Trouble of Bringing Up Father 1921 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 1921

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