Humor Publishing Co.

1933 - 1933
United States

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Also known as Consolidated Book Publishers. It is possible that Humor Publishing was in fact a subsidiary of Consolidated, through which the latter published comic books.

According to the memoir of Jerry Siegel (who solicited Superman to Consolidated in 1933), the President of Consolidated Book Publishers was Stanley H. Livingston.

Consolidated Book Publishers existed at least as far back as 1929, according to a "Certified List of Domestic and Foreign Corporations" published by the Secretary of State in 1929 (see Their address then was 2242 Grove Street, Chicago. Mr Livingston, the President, lived at 4400 Greenwood Avenue.
Series Year # Issues Covers Published
The Adventures of Detective Ace King 1933 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 1933
Bob Scully The 2 Fisted Hick Detective 1933 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 1933
Detective Dan: Secret Operative 48 1933 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery 1933