Pied Piper Comics

1986 - 1988
United States
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Founded by Mark L. Hamlin and comics writer Roger McKenzie, with writer/editor David Campiti playing a major role. Editorial editorial offices in Wheeling, WV, with business office in Wyoming, MI. Hamlin was formerly sales and marketing representative for Comico; Pied Piper Comics was a play on Hamlin's name and the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Pied Piper was tied to two other Campiti-associated publishers: Amazing and Wonder Color, both of which were financed by comics distributor Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and a small group of investors. Campiti packaged comics for all three publishers through Campiti and Associates, with Pied Piper publishing graphic novels, Amazing publishing black-and-white comics, and Wonder Color publishing color comics.

Pied Piper temporarily acquired David Lawrence & Ron Lim's EX-MUTANTS after the title began with two publishers associated with Campiti and financial backer Rosenberg: Eternity Comics and Amazing. Campiti left Rosenberg's various ventures in 1987, taking Lawrence & Lim's EX-MUTANTS with him to Pied Piper. (The company also published Lawrence & Lim's THE NEW HUMANS.)

Pied Piper collapsed in 1988, with a number of titles, such as HERO ALLIANCE and POWER FACTOR, being continued by Campiti's own Innovation Publishing; EX-MUTANTS and THE NEW HUMANS both returned to Eternity (which at that point was an imprint of another Rosenberg operation, Malibu Comics).
Series Year Issues Covers Published
The Beast Warriors of Shaolin [b] 1986 0 issues (0 indexed) No Covers 1986
The Beast Warriors of Shaolin [m] 1987 3 issues (1 indexed) Gallery July 1987 - September 1987
Kamikaze Cat [m] 1987 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery July 1987
Lawrence & Lim's Ex-Mutants [m] 1987 3 issues (3 indexed) Gallery July 1987 - 1987
Lawrence & Lim's Ex-Mutants Microseries: Erin 1987 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery 1987
Lawrence & Lim's the New Humans [m] 1987 3 issues (3 indexed) Gallery July 1987 - 1987
Mr. Doom [m] 1987 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery July 1987
Ninja Bots Super Special [m] 1987 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery 1987
Phigments [m] 1987 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery August 1987
Pied Piper Graphic Album [b] 1986 2 issues (2 indexed) Gallery December 1986 - December 1986
Power Factor [m] 1988 1 issues (1 indexed) Gallery March 1988

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