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1987 - 2001
United States
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The company began as Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative (https://www.comics.org/publisher/8098/), a London, England-based publisher founded in 1974 by Glenn Thompson, his then-wife Sian Williams, Richard Appignanesi, Lisa Appignanesi, John Berger, Arnold Wesker, and Chris Searle, A publishing cooperative, the founders of Writers and Readers shared the work and the profits (see https://www.comics.org/publisher/8098/).

In the early 1980s questions of control arose after some members of the cooperative sold U.S. rights to part of the For Beginners series to Pantheon Books. The Cooperative officially disbanded in 1984.

Following this rift, in 1987 Thompson took over as sole publisher and moved back to his hometown of New York City to establish a legal foothold and prevent any further unauthorized distributing of titles. Based in Harlem, the company was known as Writers and Readers Publishing, Inc (https://www.comics.org/publisher/6143/). The London-based company, formally established in 1992, was known as Writers and Readers Limited (https://www.comics.org/publisher/15387/). For years, Thompson spent his time traveling between England and New York to manage the two companies.

Thompson died of cancer in London on September 7, 2001; by the time of his death, the company had published more than forty For Beginners titles.

Several years after Thompson died, investors decided to buy the rights to the titles, creating For Beginners, LLC (https://www.comics.org/publisher/11779/).
documentary comics; For Beginners; Harlem; New York; New York City; non-fiction comics; trade paperbacks
Series Year # Issues Covers Published
DNA for Beginners [b] 1983 0 issues (0 indexed) No Covers 1983
For Beginners [b] 1983 88 issues (1 indexed) Have 9 (Need 85) [August] 1993 - 2001
For Beginners [b] 1983 1 issues (0 indexed) Add 1983