Worth Carnahan

1939 - 1940
United States
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Published books often considered to be precursors to Harvey Comics. Probably financed by distributor PDC which was active in getting many publishers off the ground in this time period.

PDC connection suspected due to Leo Greenwald, who was connected with that distributor, taking over publication of Champ Comics (formerly Champion Comics) before selling it to Harvey. Additionally, Joe Simon writes that Greenwald started Worth Publishing Co. in the first paragraph of chapter six of "My Life In Comics" (Titan Books, 2011, hardcover edition, p. 80).

Carnahan's other books were produced with Charles Quinlan (see interview with Carnahan's daughter Cynthia Woody in Comic Book Marketplace #71, titled "The Unknown Publisher: Worth Carnahan") and have often been lumped in with Holyoke due to Quinlan's later involvement with that publisher. In truth, it is only Quinlan's presence and a recycled name (Volton) for two otherwise different characters that connects them.
Series Year Issues Covers Published
Champion Comics [m] 1939 10 issues (9 indexed) Gallery October 1939 - August 1940
Cyclone Comics [m] 1940 5 issues (5 indexed) Gallery June 1940 - November 1940
Cyclone Comics [ashcan] [m] 1940 1 issues (0 indexed) Gallery May 1940
O.K. Comics [m] 1940 2 issues (2 indexed) Gallery July 1940 - October 1940

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