Editors Press Service

1936 ? - 1940 ?
United States
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Editors Press Service published material printed in the United States for distribution overseas. According to Peter Hansen as quoted in Ken Quattro's "The Comics Detective" blog, Editors Press Service was formed by Joshua B. Powers publishing in the U.S. with T. V. Boardman distributing in the U.K. Boardman also had is own U.K. publications (see http://www.comics.org/publisher/192/ )

Years based on the known dates of the Australian version of WAGS, which started before the British version and ended long after. It seems likely that other comic publications (possibly strips rather than books) were distributed earlier as the company may have started as early as 1933, but nothing has yet been confirmed.

Comics Detective blog entries:
Series Year Issues Covers Published
Wags [Australia] [m] 1936 204 issues (3 indexed) Have 17 (Need 201) 1936 - 1940
Wags [UK] [m] 1937 88 issues (29 indexed) Have 5 (Need 83) 1 January 1937 - 4 November 1938

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