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1922 -
United States
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Began as a publisher of newspapers and acquired magazine publisher Condé Nast in 1959. Condé Nast had been publishing magazines since 1909.
Series Year Issues Covers Published
Condé Nast Traveler [m] 1987 0 issues (0 indexed) No Covers 1987
Details Magazine [m] 1988 3 issues (0 indexed) No Covers November 1992 - May 2000
The New Yorker [m] 1925 208 issues (27 indexed) No Covers February 21, 1925 - present
The New Yorker 90th Anniversary Book of Cartoons [m] 2015 1 issues (0 indexed) Add 2015
Wired 1993 1 issues (1 indexed) No Covers December 2014

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