The Spirit

Published in English (United States) United States
Random Cover from Series #7/6/1941

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Publication Dates:
June 2, 1940 - October 10, 1952
Number of Issues Published:
645 (#6/2/1940 - #10/5/1952)
four color
standard golden age size. some were also issued as tabloid size
Paper Stock:
loose pages or cut-and-assemble-it-your-self
Publishing Format:
was ongoing series.
Series Details:
Publisher's Brands:
Indicia Publishers:
Free newspaper inserts with no issue numbers and no covers. Format can vary depending on which paper the section was published in. Often it was in a Standard Golden Age Size format and Saddle-Stitched. Sometimes it would be printed in tabloid Size as a part of the regular newspaper sized comics.
Newspapers (mostly) that co-branded each issue include:

The Baltimore Sunday Sun;
The Chicago Sun (later, November 1947, changed to the Chicago Sunday Sun and Times);
The Detroit News;
The Miami Beach Sun;
Minneapolis Star Journal;
The Montreal Standard;
The Newark Star Ledger;
The Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin;
The Philadelphia Record;
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette;
The Sunday Compass (New York);
The Syracuse Herald American.
The Washington Sunday Star.

The Greater Buffalo Press printed a Spanish language version of the section. There are also Mutual Benefit Society of Baltimore, Maryland editions that has no dates.

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