Marvel, 1956 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
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Publication Dates:
1956 - 1957
Number of Issues Published:
20 (#3 [East] - #12 [West])
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  • without indicia publisher information (20 issues)
Marvel, under the Timely Illustrated Features imprint, packaged material for the Webs Adventure Corporation.

All issues had two versions with different looking Big Boy characters. The "West Coast" version of Big Boy is the version that was previously created for the original franchise--black hair, red and white checkered overalls, and no hat. The "East Coast" version had Red hair, usually thinner, red and white striped overalls, and a cook's hat.

Different variations from franchise co-branding of issues may have existed at this point but its start date unknown. Possible franchise co-branded variations (printed with franchise logo [or not] and region sold):
Abdow’s (Known printed-Massachusetts, Connecticut).
Azar's (Known printed-Colorado, Northern Indiana).
Bob's (Known printed-Arizona, California, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Hawaii, New Jersey, Southeastern United States after Shoney's left the national chain to start their own).
Eat 'n Park-Pittsburgh-area 1950s).
Elby's (Known printed-Eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia).
Elias Brothers (Known printed-Michigan, Northwestern Ohio, Ontario (Canada)).
Franklin’s (Hand stamped. Printed as "Your Favorite Family Restaurants" issue #260 onward?-Northeastern Pennsylvania).
Frisch’s (Known printed-Kentucky, Northern Tennessee, Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio).
JB's (Known printed-Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Wyoming).
Kip's (Known printed-Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas).
Lendy’s Yoda's (Hand stamped, pre-1961 was part of Shoney's-Virginia).
Manner’s (Known printed-Northeastern Ohio).
Marc’s (Known printed-Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin).
McDowell's (Printed as "Your Favorite Family Restaurants" issue #260 onward?-South Dakota).
Shoneys (Known printed-Southeastern United States.: North Carolina, South Carolina, Southern Tennessee, Virginia. Shoney's eventually left the main chain to form their own in order to branch out from the business from franchisee limitations).
TJ's (Known printed-New York).
Top's (Known printed-Illinois, perhaps Southern Wisconsin).
VIP’s (Printed as "Your Favorite Family Restaurants" issue #260 onward?-Washington, New Mexico).

Known west: Abdow's; Bob's; Azar's; Eat 'n Park; Elias Brothers; JB's; Kips; Lendy's; Shoney's; Tops.

Known East: Azar's (as of 1962); Frisch's; Manners.

Lendy's co-branding version seems to be blank where resturaunt info was printed and hand-stamped with Lakeside Yoda's (Lendy's) stamp. Implies possible blank back cover variations where co-branding does not exist for some locations or use of "Your Favorite Family Restaurants" instead?

From issue #13 onward, Webs packaged and published the series themselves.

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