No More [Book and Record]

Peter Pan, 1982 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
Publication Dates:
[October] 1982 - [October] 1982
Number of Issues Published:
6 (#1 (BR524) - No More Feeling Weird - #6 (BR529) - No More Fighting)
12" x 12"
Paper Stock:
Cardboard Cover; Heavy Stock Paper Interior
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  • without indicia publisher information (6 issues)
Six known self-help book and record type publications entitled each "No More" followed by the subject of that issue. This series was created by the Institute of Living Skills and uses a combination of story book and comics with word balloon illustrations to teach children life skills.

The following records were advertised on the back of the issues but seem to never have been published:
BR530 - No More Rudeness
BR531 - No More Feeling Left Out
BR532 - No More Bad Decisions
BR533 - No More Being Afraid
BR534 - No More Wasting Time
BR535 - No More Wasting Money

Book and Record not listed in the title, but number and style same as rest of that series.

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