St. John, 1948 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
Random Cover from Series #15
January 1953
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Publication Dates:
February 1948 - September 1953
Number of Issues Published:
19 (#1 - #19)
Four Color interiors; full color cover
Standard Golden Age U.S.
Paper Stock:
Newsprint interior; glossy cover
Publishing Format:
Was ongoing Series
Humor; newspaper strip
Series Details:
Publisher's Brands:
Indicia Publishers:
Creator Gladys Parker modeled Mopsy after herself, she was a pert, tousle-haired brunette. The strip's story lines dealt with Mopsy's daily activities. During WWII Mopsy worked as a nurse, a munitions-plant worker, and other jobs women typically had during the war, and this was a very popular strip during during that time. When the war ended Mopsy went back to civilian life, but she continued to maintain her popularity until 1965 when the strip ended. Gladys Parker passed away the following year." quote thanks to Samuels Designs at

There are date gaps as follows: #13 (November 1950); #14 (Sept. 1952); #15 to #19 (January, March, May, July and September 1953)

See also: Pageant of Comics (St. John, 1947 series) #1 first appearance of Mopsy in a comic and TV Teens (Charlton, 1954 series) #7 to #13, Mopsy reprints with some new covers.

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