Captain Marvel Comics

Published in English (Canada) Canada
Random Cover from Series #v1#2
February 1942
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Publication Dates:
January 1942 - December 1945
Number of Issues Published:
48 (#v1#1 - #v4#12)
Black & White interiors; One-Two Color Covers
Standard Golden Age U.S.
Paper Stock:
Newsprint Cover & Interior
Publishing Format:
Was ongoing Series
Adaptations; Canadian white; superhero
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A Canadian comics series based upon scripts from U.S. Fawcett Comics' Captain Marvel stories, but completely redrawn by Canadian artists. Known as a "Canadian White" comics; this series was cancelled late 1945, following the end of World War II.
Whilst the covers of many issues read 'Capt. Marvel Comics', the indicias (usually found on back cover) state 'Captain Marvel Comics.'

See also: Captain Marvel Adventures (Anglo-American Publishing Company Limited, 1948 series), which are four color Canadian reprints of the U.S. Fawcett series by the same publisher

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