Tokyopop, 2001 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
Publication Dates:
2001 - 2002
Number of Issues Published:
6 (#1 - #6)
color cover; black & white interior
standard Modern Age US (26.1 cm x 16.8 cm)
Paper Stock:
glossy cover; newsprint interior
Series Details:
Publisher's Brands:
  • without publisher's brand information (6 issues)
Indicia Publishers:
  • without indicia publisher information (6 issues)
Translation of the Japanese manga Doragon Kishidan; "flopped" to left-to-right format; standard modern US-sized series was cancelled when Tokyopop switched to only publishing trade paperbacks.

Cover imprint: TOKYOPOP Manga; Indicia publisher: Mixx Entertainment, Inc.

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