The Mighty World of Marvel

Marvel UK, 1972 Series
Published in English (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
Random Cover from Series #41
July 14, 1973
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Publication Dates:
October 7, 1972 - January 17, 1979
Number of Issues Published:
329 (#1 - #329)
Colour front and back covers; Black and White with some Colour interior
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Marvel (US) reprints with some original material.
Note that, for British weekly comics, the "week ending" date given on the cover is usually the Saturday at the end of the week during which the comic was published, making these cover-dates far closer to the comics' on-sale dates than is usually the case for US comicbooks. This can mean that there is a chronological gap of c. three months between the US and UK comics conventionally listed under the same month (i.e. a US monthly with an October cover-date may have been released in July, whereas a UK weekly with such a date will have been published in October itself).

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