The Menomonee Falls Gazette

Street Enterprises, 1971 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
Random Cover from Series #213
January 12, 1976
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Publication Dates:
December 13, 1971 - March 3, 1978
Number of Issues Published:
232 (#1 - #232)
Black and White
Tabloid 11.5" x 16 5/8"
Publishing Format:
was ongoing series
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Indicia Publishers:
The Menomonee Falls Gazette (subtitled "The international newspaper for comic art fans") was a weekly tabloid that reprinted newspaper comic strips from the United States and the U.K. Comic strips reprinted in this publication normally fell into the adventure and soap opera category. (Humor strips were collected in a sister publication, The Menomonee Falls Guardian.) Typically, a full week's worth of a particular strip was collected on a single page of The Gazette. Although The Gazette was available via newsstand distribution, the bulk of their sales came from subscriptions.

In November 1973, Street Enterprises took over publishing the long-running comics fanzine The Comic Reader (originally started in 1961 under the title On the Drawing Board by the "Father of Comics Fandom" Jerry Bails). With the cancellation of The Menomonee Falls Gazette, Street Enterprises moved many of the strips featured in The Gazette over to The Comic Reader.

Issue #232 accidentally marked as #234 on cover (#232 on inside)
Most issues consist of two sections. Later issues were only a single section.

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