The Complete Love & Rockets

Fantagraphics, 1985 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
Random Cover from Series #9 - Flies On the Ceiling
January 1997
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Publication Dates:
October 1985 - January 2010
Number of Issues Published:
26 (#1 - #[25] - High Soft Lisp)
Color Covers, Mostly Black & White Interiors
Softcover (#1 - 21; 23; 25); Hardcover- (#22 & 24)
Publishing Format:
Was Ongoing Series
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The first fifteen volumes come in both hardcover and softcover editions. The hardcovers are indexed separately. Dimensions differ for some volumes. Cover price may vary depending on printing. For the most part, the first fifteen had the indicia title of "Love and Rockets Book:" with the cover title coming after that. Most printings indicate this but some may not. After the fifteenth volume, all subsequent books use only the cover title but some may have numbering in the indicia.

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