T. V. Picture Stories

Pearson, 1958 Series
Published in English (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
Publication Dates:
[June 1958] ? - March 1960
Number of Issues Published:
57 (#CC/1 - #36)
colour cover; black and white interior
pocket size (125mm x 185mm)
Paper Stock:
Publishing Format:
Publication Type:
TV themed
Series Details:
Publisher's Brands:
Indicia Publishers:
The interior text of some issues call this title "T.V. Picture Series".

Denis Gifford in 'The Complete Catalogue of British Comics' reports that some issues have the T.V. Picture Stories (TVPS) logo but are not part of this anthology series. These include:
- The Buccaneers: #1 (followed by TVPS #6);
- Emergency-Ward 10: #1-#5 (followed by #6, which does not have the TVPS logo, but see additional note below);
- Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans: #1-#4 (followed by TVPS #2);
- New Adventures of Charlie Chan: #1-#4 (followed by TVPS #3);
- O.S.S.: #1-#5 (followed by TVPS #5);
- Sword of Freedom #1 (followed by TVPS #4).

Only a few issues have numbers on the front cover and no issues have explicit dates. Issues typically have a code number on the last story page that indicates the issue number and the month/year of publication.

Emergency Ward 10 was part of this series for the first four issues of the title. In February 1959 it was split from TV Picture Stories into its own series with issue 5. Neither the Emergency Ward 10 series nor TV Picture Stories advertised each other in their pages from this point.

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