K. G. Murray, 1950 Series
Published in English (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
Publication Dates:
April 1950 - 1962
Number of Issues Published:
137 (#1 - #137)
Colour cover with black and white interior
Standard Golden Age US
Paper Stock:
Publishing Format:
was ongoing series
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Series Details:
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Early issues of K.G. Murray's UK Superman (#1-#14) are different to the Australian issues, with a different mix of stories and contents drawn from the first 40 issues of the Australian version. From #15, Australian issues were reprinted in the UK with covers that had different (lower) numbering, UK advertisements and occasionally different one page filler stories. UK printing ended with the brief change to full-colour printing in 1956. During the changeover, five Australian issues (#104-#108) were not printed for distribution in the UK. For a period in the 1950s, Murray had offices in the UK.

Low numbered issues (#1-#33) with colour printing are Australian versions. Issues #1-#20, whatever the pricing, are UK editions if there are no stories printed in colour. UK issues numbered #21 and higher have a 6d cover price, but need to be checked carefully to make sure they are UK editions. Australian issues #21 to #45 also have 6d cover prices, and a small number of issues for both countries have 8d cover prices (UK #15-20).

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