Comics Scene

Starlog Communications, 1987 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
Publication Dates:
1987 - 1996
Number of Issues Published:
56 (#1 - #56)
color cover; color and black and white interior
American magazine size
Paper Stock:
glossy cover; matte paper interior
Publishing Format:
was ongoing series
Publication Type:
Series Details:
Publisher's Brands:
Indicia Publishers:
Magazine mostly filled with reviews of new comics and, especially, comics that became TV shows or movies. It also included some original comics as well.

Numbering re-started after the first 11 issues (listed separately), but the subsequent issues appear to be double numbered in the indicias.

Some early issues are listed as Comics Scene Quarterly.

The individual issues of this series are each less than 50% comics. Only comics sequences are indexed and cover scans are accepted only if the issue has 10% indexed comics content.

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