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1948 - 1950
United States

Total Number of Series:
Total Number of Issues:

Published under name "GM Information Rack Service" by Employee Relations Staff. One title was published in 1962, but it is uncertain if it was a comic book.
Series Year # Issues Covers
Bigelow Ward Finds a Profession 1966 12 issues (1 indexed) Have 1 (Need 11)
Chevrolet Comics 1951 2 issues (0 indexed) Gallery
Chevrolet Fun Book and Touring Guide 1950 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery
Chevrolet Motoring Fun Game Book 1949 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery
Game Book 1949 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery
Know Your Presidents 1948 2 issues (1 indexed) Gallery
The Taylor Twins in Double Deal 0 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery